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"ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) is a world-wide body which brings together the activities of the National Committees for Sugar Analysis in more than thirty member countries. An ICUMSA rating is an international unit for expressing the purity of the sugar in solution, and is directly related to the colour of the sugar. Be aware that there are different types of ICUMSA units.

Common Grades

ICUMSA 45- White Refined Granulated Sugar: The most highly refined form of sugar. This sugar has a sparkling white colour, and is the type most often sold direct to consumers in the form of sugar cubes, bags of sugar, and in sugarsachets

ICUMSA 100 – 150- Extra Special White Crystal Sugar: Considered food grade sugar, this sugarisoftenusedinlargescalebaking,drinksmaking,ortheproductionofotherfoodstuffs.

ICUMSA 200- Special White Crystal Sugar: Food grade sugar suitable for less demandingapplications where appearance is not integral to the function of the sugar.

ICUMSA 600-800- Consumable Brown Sugar: This sugar is consumable by humans, and is generally regarded as being very tasty on porridge. Any sugar above ICUMSA 800 is not suitable for humans however, and needs to undergo further refining to remove bacteria and othercontaminants

ICUMSA 800-1200- Very High Polarisation (VHP)Sugar.

ICUMSA 1600 – 2000- Raw Sugar: Suitable for further refining, and in some areas of the world may be incorporated into foodstuffs or beautyproducts.


We offer mainly Icumsa 45 in full shiploads. Minimum order quantity is 12,500 metric tones of sugar. Vessel size is 12,500/25,000/50,000 metric tons.We Can supply maximum 400,000 MT monthly , we offer Spot and12 monthlyContracts.

Packaging is in Fifty (50) KG bags / seaworthy / new Jute polylined bags. Each 50KG Bag will be printed with the followingInformation: Commodity N ame , N e t Weight, Country of Origin, Batch No. Production, Crop date.

Shipping Terms
CIF includes all costs related to the acquisition of the goods, the transport to the port of loading, the loading of the vessel, all export duties and port fees, the transport from port of loading to port of destination, expenses to anchoring, approaching and mooring at the port of destination. All expenses related to unloading the vessel at the port of destination, terminal handling charges, import fees etc. are to be paid by the consignee/buyer.


a. Buyer issues LOI/ICPO to the seller
b. Seller responds with an FCO which the Buyer returns duly signed and sealed, therefore accepted as the ICPO,including provision of: 1. Completed KYC Documentation 2. BCL
c. Seller issues draft Sale/Purchase(SPA)Copy of Contract for the Buyer to signandreturn,subjecttonegotiationand:a.Commercial Invoice:
d. Seller lodges payable instrument to the Sellers nominated Bank Account
e. Seller commences Loading andShipment
f. Seller presents Bills ofLading
g. Buyerremitsfundsviaaguaranteedinstrument(MT103/TT)against submission of the Bills of Lading(BoL)
h. Seller executes the ongoing delivery schedule, ifapplicable


We are more than happy to work with brokers but will not tolerate phantom- buyers,which is why buyer sarerequired to identify themselves inasigned Letter ofIntentorICPOaswellasconfirmingfinancialreferencesandreadiness.Ifyou are not capable of producing such documents and references, then please don't requestquotes.PleasedonotaskforPerformanceBondsortobeshownprevious Bills of Lading as clients confidentially is taken very seriously. Without a guarantee of payment we will not load a vessel. We work with Irrevocable, Confirmed,Divisible,Revolving,Transferable/nontransferableSBLC/DLC/Bank GuaranteesPayableatSightagainstBillsofLadingviatherelevantMTMessage.


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