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We freight to all over the world The best company, FAST and SAFELY!

Having a cargo that requires secure, timely, and reliable ocean freight shipping service? Trust U.C Connect Services for its hassle-free ocean freight shipping solutions equipped with fast tools, skillful team, and advanced technology. You can get simplified shipping process and fast freight delivery across the ocean quickly.

Always One-Step Ahead…

U.C Connect Services understands what clients expect from an import/export company – that’s why you can count on us! We believe in always one step ahead of what our customers actually demand. We are quick-learners. So, we can cover all your requirements with great precision. Whether you want to forward your cargo across the continents or from one country to another, our technology-driven ocean freight shipping services have it all covered. Once you contact us, our experts will get in touch with you to provide instant quotes with full price transparency and a full stack of our ocean freight shipping services.

Why Trust UC Connect Services For Ocean Freight Shipping?

1. Easy Booking

U.C Connect Services boasts a skillful and trusted customer support team. It is on hand when our customers need us. With us, you will surely experience the feeling of being secured and satisfied. Booking ocean freight shipping services with U.C Connect Services is quite easy, fast, and transparent. You will quickly know where you are and when your work is done.

2. Instant Quotes

With us, you do not have to wait around for our movers to respond to your quote requests. To come in contact with you instantly is our highest priority. At U.C Connect Services, you can request your quote online, our customer support executives will let you know right away.

3. Flexible Payment Modes

Once get your shipment booking confirmation, you can easily make the payment online. We have given multiple options to our customers. You can pay via credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and more.

4. Real-Time Shipment Tracking

No more worrying about your shipment status or waiting for calls from your movers! U.C Connect Services provides you with a reliable real-time shipment tracking to ensure seamless communication between you and your shipment. You can see where your cargo is at a given time.

5. Precise Documentation

Our experts ensure you complete your shipping documentation without any flaw. We will go through a detailed information-gathering process that requires your documents related to ports of origin and your destination. We will take care of your documentation so that you do not have to stress out about import and export procedures. As India’s one of the leading import/export partners, we provide technology-first ocean freight services, but we also understand that people often want to have communication with people. That’s why we have a dedicated customer support team that works around the clock with your import or export-related inquiries. So, get in touch with us through live chat, email, or phone. We are looking forward to hearing from you