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We freight to all over the world The best company, FAST and SAFELY!

To carry on the business of Export & Import Services, Manufacturing & Trading of Medical Equipment, Food products, Agro products, Pertroleum products, Gems & Jewllery Mineral Products, Vehicle parts & accessories, Work contracr services, telecommunication services, legal consultancy services, security, housekeeping, production and to provide high technology consultancy services in the field of electronics, telecommunications and information technology.

To manufacture, buy, sell, erect, commision, export, import, service of electronic, telecommunication and electrical equipments including their modules, sub-assemblies and components.

To carry on the business of security consultants, legal consultancy service, advisors, and security experts and to provide unformed security staff of all ranks to central Govt., corporations, undertaking, municipalities, companies, business, commercial house, foreign mission, high commissions, individuals for protection and safety.

To carry on the business of maintenance of buildings, structures, complexes, wheather commercial or residential and located in any part of the world, untertaking building and facility management services like sanitation, power and water supply, house keeping, security, management of fixtures, appliances, electrical gadgets and apparatus other assets and lift maintenance.

To maintain land, agricultural lands, buildings, houses, flats, apartment complexes, bungalows, colonies, industrial complex, store, factory sheds and buildings, warehouse, shops, estates, roads, parks, hotels and such other related conveniences situated in any place in india or abroad and any interest therein and/or rights over or connected therewith.

To buy all kinds of plant, equipment, machinery, apparatus, tools, utensils, commodities, substances, articles and things necessary or useful for carrying on the main business of the company.