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Swarna or the non-basmati rice is one of the healthiest variants of Indian rice that is known to have low glycemic index, thereby lowering the risk of diabetes in the consumers. This is the short grain fine rice with good nutrition value and mild, natural aroma. There are mainly three forms of Swarna rice available in the market – parboiled swarna rice, raw or white swarna rice and swarna puff rice.

At U.C Connect Services, we are the leading suppliers and exporters of Swarna rice in India. We source the best quality, adulteration free short grain Swarna rice and medium grain Swarna rice right from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. We are renowned wholesalers of short grain white rice offering bulk Swarna rice at the most competitive price in the market. Hence, to order Swarna rice in any quantity, just contact us and we shall deliver it to you within the timelines promised without any hassles.

Product Specification:

Product : Swarna rice
Moisture : 14%max
Size : 4 to 5 MM
Verities : Swarna
Colour : white
Paddy grain : 0.5% max
Crop : new crop
Chalky kernels : 4.0%max
Red and streaked kernels : 1.0%max
Yellow kernels : 1%max
Damaged kernels : 1%max
Quality & price : Super quality and low price
Place of origin : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India